Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Adam Szymkowicz Interviews Playwrights

It started almost two years ago. In fact on June 3rd it will be exactly two years since playwright Adam Szymkowicz began interviewing his peers and featuring their interviews on his blog.

To date he's interviewed 347 playwrights.

I thought I'd point out this amazing resource and project since the latest interview featured Playground playwright Katie May.

In fact, there's been a few Bay Area playwrights who've been interviewed:*

Eugenie Chan
Christopher Chen
Lauren Gunderson
Julia Jarcho
Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
Enrique Urueta

Malachy Walsh
and yours truly was interviewed earlier this year (I'm #310).

Check out this partial list (alpha) that Adam posted when he hit 300. And don't miss Adam's own interview (#100).

*These were the Bay Area playwrights I recognized on the list, if you know of others who have also been interviewed, please feel free to make additions in the Comments.

Update: Here's an updated list (alpha) of the interviews that Adam sent my way. It has 325 playwright interviews listed.

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