Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clandy and Meavon Still Hooked on the Junk

Oh, yes. It has begun. Last night. Late last night, B receives this email...

OMG! I'm freakin out. I just posted our first blog. Granted I'm not sure I did it right and I have no clue how we're both going to be able to edit it, but it's up.



B freaks out. It's late and he's almost completely sedated from allergy medication, but his heart races and he freaks out nonetheless. He considers writing then and there, but he still hasn't quite gotten over the intimidation that rises with each thought of working with the winner of the [Some Cool Prize], the one who he witnessed take risk after risk during the PlayGround season, the one from whom he learned to push against the boundaries of form, space, and language...He freaked out. He closed his laptop. He flossed and brushed his teeth. (Even if he didn't, we'd say that he did for the sake of his fragile sense of his image.) He rubbed his cat's head and spoke to it (he swears he's not a cat person, but we all know only cat people talk to cats as if the pet is some old friend). He yawned. No, this was no time to step into the arena. He'd sleep and tomorrow he would dare take the next step.

Tomorrow comes and he responds:

Bring it!
Thanks for getting that first post up.
There's a footnote that reads "." Did you create an account for that? If so how can I get that action so I don't post anything with my real name. Anonymity is of extreme importance, A!
Place: tour bus. Word: Splenetic ( word of the day. Why read books to increase your vocabulary when you can just get an app with a new word everyday?!?)
Shit. Know what this means? Means you have to write the first lines. Unless you pull a chickenshit move and write stage settings or something lame like that. :-)
Game on!



What will tomorrow bring, or tonight for that matter? I don't know about you, but I feel that maybe the implausible is brewing. Now wouldn't that be something?


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