Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Hit, A Palpable Hit! Festival Reviews Are In!

The reviews for the 15th annual Best of PlayGround Festival are in and, while everyone seems to have their own favorites, the festival is clearly resonating with critics and audiences alike.

“PLAYGROUND is a local treasure that fosters playwriting, and this is an evening of theatre that is a sure bet. You’ll be debating about which one you liked best, and it’s a hard choice since they are all contenders.” –John McMullen, (For the full review, visit

“The joy of a short play festival is the utter diversity in style, tone and voice. You can have what amounts to a sketch comedy bumping up against muscular drama, an intriguing fragment or a surprising burst of poetry. All of that happens and more in Best of Playground 15: A Festival of New Writers & New Plays at the Thick House.” – Chad Jones, Theatre Dogs (For the full review, visit

“…an eclectic selection all worth a visit, some more so than others.” – Kedar Adour, Theatre World Internet Magazine (For the full review, visit

And here are a few (unedited) patron reviews:

“Great talent all around - writers, directors, actors, stage crew.”

“A wonderful night of theatre. The seven short plays were intriguing, clever; good writing and some good acting as well. Don't miss this one!!”

“Very interesting points of view. The play ESCAPADES was breathtaking in its subject matter, acting, ingenious staging. I will definitely go next year. Attending opening night is fun as you get to go to after party and mingle with writers, actors, producers. Great night and lots to talk about.”

“Actors were versatile and did a terrific job. I liked some plays more than others; the show as a whole was entertaining and thought provoking.”

“Show was good but seats are pretty uncomfortable :- /”

If you haven't seen it for yourself, there are still two weeks left in this year's Best of PlayGround Festival (running Thu-Sun, through May 29).  Visit for the complete schedule and to purchase tickets online.
Want to share your own reviews? Add your comments after this post or visit the "reviews" tab on our facebook page at!/playground.sf?sk=app_6261817190.

Photos: mellopix performance.


  1. Cass Brayton5/18/11, 3:36 PM

    This is one festival not to miss. The writers go deep this year, meaty issues explored with tenacious awareness and fearlessness. The language is sheer poetry, but the stage images linger and reach places beyond words -- spiritual, almost holy. Also laugh-out-loud hilarious in many places throughout the evening. The class of 2011 rocks!

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