Friday, December 09, 2011

PlayGround's Year-End Top Ten List, Part I

To get you into the spirit, we asked the PlayGround Company to give us their Top Ten Reasons to Give to the PlayGround Year-End Campaign. Without further ado, here they are:

10. Because playwrights are sexy.
9. Because it's more fun than donating to 'WorkGround'.
8. Because everyone needs a little economic stimulus.  So, stimulate us.
7. Because The Muppets are fully funded.
6. Because we’ve been naughty AND nice.
5. Because for just ten cents a day, you can feed 36 playwrights and Bay Area theatre for a whole year!
4. Because, next to sex and exercise, nothing will make you happier (really, there’s been a study)!
3. Because where else can you see a musical about the DMV?
2. Because your generous contribution can keep at least one playwright from marrying for money.

And the number one reason to give to the PlayGround Year-End Campaign is…

1. Don't make us write you into one of our plays as a villain.

To give to the PlayGround Year-End Campaign, visit us on Causes, give through PayPal or call us at (415) 992-6677.


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