Friday, December 09, 2011

PlayGround's Year-End Top Ten List, Part II

Ten Reasons to Give to PlayGround – A Poem

Reason One:  We need your cash.
Reason Two:  We need it fast.
Reason Three:  We do good work.
Reason Four:  The cash won’t lurk.

(We put it right to work, we do,
We get it to the writers, who,
Create new plays in record time,
And do so with your precious dime.)

Reason Five:  Our need is great.
Reason Six:  It’s our full plate.

(Festivals, commissions, too,
Joint productions, actors who,
Read the words our writers write,
Directors who must get it right,
Space that costs a pretty penny,
Please believe our needs are many!)

Reason Seven is your taxes,

(Ask your tax-man, it relaxes,
The amount you have to pay,
So don’t forget to give today.)

Reason Eight:  Our staff is growing,
Reason Nine:  Reviews are glowing!

Reason Ten:  In fifteen years,
We’ve produced more laughs, more tears,
More local plays than all our peers!

That’s thirty-five, to count each one,
Six more are coming, for forty-one,

Short plays produced?
Well that’s six hundred!

Have you deduced,
Or, have you wondered,
How PlayGround works,
And, gets this done?

It’s through support from folks like you!
You know what you need to do.

You’ve seen our list – our “Ten Becauses,”
And, thank you for your gift today,
Have a Happy Holiday!

Thanks to Tom Swift for his contribution of this poem. For more information about the PlayGround Year-End Campaign, visit us on Causes at, email us at info<at> or call us at (415) 992-6677.



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