Thursday, September 13, 2012

PlayGround PlaySpace - A Space for New Work!

Earlier this summer and with little fanfare, PlayGround launched an important new resource for the PlayGround and new plays communities. Entitled PlaySpace and located in Berkeley's Lorin District, it's a writers lab, classroom, rehearsal space... it dices, slices and juliennes! Well, you get the idea. PlayGround's never had a space of its own and, well, that's been okay. But in discussions with PlayGround writers and other company artists over the last year, it became clear that this wasn't okay for those trying to make new works and having to find affordable, accessible space in which to do so (the new PlaySpace is just three blocks from Ashby BART, with access to plenty of free parking day-and-night). Writers need a place to write, students need a place to learn, and actors need a place to rehearse. And so, PlaySpace was developed.

Already, it's become home for several new programs, such as the Resident Playwrights program announced last month and a paid-membership Writers Lab (providing a clean, quiet communal space where its members can write), as well as ongoing programs like the PlayGround Intensives, Recess (supporting PlayGround writers in between Monday Night PlayGround performances), New Play Incubator readings and rehearsals (PlayGround's full-length commissioning program), as well as Best of PlayGround rehearsals next spring. It's also available for rentals, whether for readings, rehearsals, classes, auditions, meetings, conferences, screenings, or even special events.

Over time, we expect to see PlaySpace become an essential tool for both PlayGround artists and others in the community looking to develop new works. If you'd like to get a free tour of PlaySpace or learn more about opportunities and availability, email to


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