Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Join the PlayGround community on Saturday evening, September 7, 2013, for the first performance of THE SHAKESPEARE BUG, a brand new comedy by Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award winner Ken Slattery ("Truffaldino Says No"), directed by M. Graham Smith and produced by Killing My Lobster in association with PlayGround. The production runs September 7-28, 2013 at Stage Werx, 446 Valencia Street, San Francisco. To purchase tickets for PlayGround Night ($20; discounts for subscribers, students and company members), visit

Hamlet's entire world suddenly turns into a Shakespeare play. His mother is divorcing his father and marrying his uncle. His father is acting like he’s a ghost. His friend Marybeth receives a prophecy that makes her to want to kill colleagues at work. Last but not least, Hamlet's roommate is suddenly madly in love with him but has jealousy issues, while her boyfriend Larry has become the Earl of Outer Sunset. What has happened? Is the play Hamlet saw the night before somehow to blame for this strange bug everyone appears to have caught? How will Hamlet restore reality, or is he content to let all the world be a Shakespeare stage?

Ken Slattery has been a member of the Writers Pool since 2003. He recently won the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award for Best Original Script (100-300 seats) for his play Truffaldino Says No, premiered at Ashby Stage last summer in a Shotgun Players-PlayGround co-production. The Shakespeare Bug is his second PlayGround commission. He is a member of Killing My Lobster. 

The Shakespeare Bug was originally commissioned and developed by PlayGround.


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