Saturday, December 28, 2013

INVEST IN THE ARTISTS #17: In Good Company

My fondest wish in theatre is to be a company member of a repertory theatre, getting to take on wildly different challenges from night to night.  It began with my trips to Berkeley Rep back in the 1980s as an audience member; it continued in the 1990s with my opportunities in summer stock and graduate school; and starting in 2000 I had the wonderful good fortune to start performing on Monday nights with PlayGround.  Becoming an inaugural company member in 2006 was a wonderfully exciting fulfillment of that childhood dream. 

I've gotten to play convicts and angels, FBI agents, at least three different kinds of primate, Shakespeare, Capitano and King Ferdinand, and the list goes on and on.  Getting to work with the most amazing actors, directors and playwrights in the Bay Area time and again makes the whole process a joy, and provides an instant language and rapport that lets the work happen quickly and easily.  My very favorite nights are the ones we perform on the Thrust Stage at Berkeley Rep where I wanted to be as a kid.
The most heartening aspect of what PlayGround does still takes me by surprise every third Monday.  The audience pours in and keeps coming and coming and I am overwhelmed by the support our community shows for live, risk-taking, experimental theatre.  Thank you for keeping my dream alive and well.  INVEST IN THE ARTISTS!

Brian Herndon

As we count down twenty days of PlayGround's 20th Season Year-End Campaign, we're pleased to share with you a daily testimonial from PlayGround artists, subscribers and supporters and community leaders. To participate in the Year-End Campaign, make a tax-deductible contribution online at or on the PlayGround website, or call us at (415) 992-6677.


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