Tuesday, December 31, 2013

INVEST IN THE ARTISTS #20: The Final Chapter...

I love stories.  They tap into something primal in human nature and in my own. That's what I love most about PlayGround — it nurtures artists as they develop their stories.  Not merely to tell them but to have them brought to life before us in a communal setting that gives us something to think about long after we leave the theatre, long after we go to the bar to talk and share what those stories evoked.  I’m thrilled with the variety of programming that PlayGround creates, adapts and supports, allowing our artists to broaden and deepen their skills.

But my favorite time is bringing my group of “non-theatre type” friends to the PlayGround Festival every year. We gather to dine and share our own stories before being transported into the worlds created by such gifted artists. I’m proud to share this wonderful organization with my closest community and privileged to be a part of an enthusiastic board of trustees that invests in our artists. 


Regina Guggenheim 
PlayGround Board Chair


As we count down twenty days of PlayGround's 20th Season Year-End Campaign, we're pleased to share with you a daily testimonial from PlayGround artists, subscribers and supporters and community leaders. To participate in the Year-End Campaign, make a tax-deductible contribution online at Causes.com or on the PlayGround website, or call us at (415) 992-6677.


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