Wednesday, December 18, 2013

INVEST IN THE ARTISTS #7: A Playwright Walks Into a Bar...

Three years ago I was sitting in a North Beach bar nursing a pint and wondering if I'd ever write another play, when a strange woman started a conversation with me. Since then I've completed over a dozen short plays and a new full length, had three staged readings, a production, and a commission, and made connections with some of the best people in Bay Area theater. She didn’t cast a magic spell, and though I was a few beers in, I’m almost certain I didn't promise her my soul. All she did was give me the perfect piece of unsolicited advice: check out PlayGround.

PlayGround does perform a kind of magic, turning prompts into short plays in a week, short plays into long plays in a year, and new scripts into new productions at relative warp speed. They do this by gathering a community of artists and giving us a simple, clear assignment: take this weekend and write the best ten page play you can. Then watch as amazing things happen. In a theater world so crowded with safe and time-tested material, I cannot overstate the value of an organization dedicated entirely to new work. When you invest in PlayGround, your dollars will become new plays by new artists, some of whom are probably in bars right now, wondering what the hell to do next. If you happen to meet one of these poor lost playwrights, be sure to say the magic words: check out PlayGround. INVEST IN THE ARTISTS!

Ruben Grijalva

As we count down twenty days of PlayGround's 20th Season Year-End Campaign, we're pleased to share with you a daily testimonial from PlayGround artists, subscribers and supporters and community leaders. To participate in the Year-End Campaign, make a tax-deductible contribution online at or on the PlayGround website, or call us at (415) 992-6677.


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