Friday, January 17, 2014

January People's Choice Award

The people have spoken... The January People's Choice Award goes to Zoe Young for her short play, Last Stop in Gringrolandia, presented as a staged reading at the Monday Night PlayGround CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ on January 13 at Berkeley Rep. Congratulations, Zoe!

Courtesy of Ms. Young, we're pleased to share the first two pages from the award-winning script. Enjoy!

Last Stop in Gringolandia
by Zoe Young

2014: San Francisco City College – Unity Mural Gallery. BOY and GIRL stand,
ATTENDANT sits at a table with a stack of brochures at the back of the stage. All
characters face the audience as though Diego Rivera’s Pan American Unity Mural is
demarcated by the end of the stage.
1940: Large San Francisco studio – The mural is almost complete and DIEGO RIVERA
and FRIDA KAHLO look at the work in the same style as the 2014 characters.

2014 Characters:
ATTENDANT: Male - mid 20s – whitish – passionate art student currently bored out of
his mind. He has two brochures in his back pocket.
BOY: Male – 21 – white – upper middleclass – trying to impress girl.
GIRL: Female – 21 – Latina – from a family of farm workers – on second date with boy,

1940 Characters:
DIEGO RIVERA: Male – 53 – Mexican (with an upper class Mexican accent) – About
to complete his “Pan American Unity Mural” for the Golden Gate International
FRIDA KAHLO: Female – 33 – Mexican (with an upper class Mexican accent) – ready
for a long trip in America to end.
Last Stop in Gringolandia Zoe Young –

Lights up on ATTENDANT, sitting board at the back of the stage.
Enter BOY and GIRL. BOY looks at mural in awe, leading GIRL in.

So this is it.
(Makes sweeping gesture with hand.)
I can’t believe you’ve been here for 3 years and never seen it.

It’s a fucking city college, I just go to class.

(Ignoring her.)
This was the last piece Diego Rivera did in California, actually I think it’s the last thing
he did in America…

It’s kind ‘a gaudy.

(Reacting.) It’s a mural!

Yeah, I can see that.

BOY and GIRL look on in silence.
BOY attempts to hold girl’s hand. GIRL isn’t having it.

There in the middle- that’s the Aztec goddess Coatlicue…

(Yelling from the back, correcting his pronunciation.)

BOY and GIRL look back at ATTENDANT, realizing he is there for the first time.

ATTENDANT (cont’d)
You want a brochure?

GIRL moves toward ATTENDANT.

We’re okay.

Awkward Beat. GIRL returns to BOY brochureless.

BOY (cont’d)
So, Coatlicue. Anyway, she’s turning into a machine…

You mean like a fem-bot?


I guess. She’s supposed to be an Earth Goddess.
She’s not a very sexy fem-bot.

She’s a symbol!

Hey, why do you like this stuff anyway?

I don’t know, it’s powerful. This thing is 74 feet long and 22 feet high.

GIRL looks back at ATTENDANT for confirmation.

Okay, so it’s big.

It’s filled with portrait after portrait of great people.

(Points to lower right.) What, you mean like Hitler over here?

It was the 40s. He was trying to paint a whole picture of the time.

GIRL rolls her eyes.

BOY (cont’d)
But my favorite part is, it all happens right here. Look,
(Points to upper right.)
That girl is diving over the Golden Gate.

Helen Crlenkovich.

BOY and GIRL do not look back at him.

The founding fathers are pretty much standing under the Bay Bridge. And all of this
ancient Mayan imagery,
(Points to upper left.)
If you follow the landscape it’s basically happening in Daly City.

(Pointing to center.) Okay well who’s that? Her, dressed like a Mexican.

That’s Frida Kahlo.

Enter FRIDA stage right looking forward with her hand on her hip. She stands frozen
once she assumes her pose.

BOY (cont’d)
She was Rivera’s wife, also a great artist.
And over to the side there, holding the brush, that’s Rivera.

Enter DIEGO with a brush in his hand. Stands frozen near FRIDA as though in the
middle of painting.

BOY (cont’d)
He always throws in a self-portrait.

He looks a little fat for her.

Just look at the damn painting.


Join us for the next Monday Night PlayGround on Monday, February 17, at Berkeley Rep and choose your own favorite. Click here for more info.


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